Mala 'Xinyi' Buddhist prayer bracelet

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Are you looking for a beautiful and meaningful bracelet? Then the Mala 'Xinyi' Buddhist prayer bracelet is perfect for you! This bracelet is made of jade from the Xinyi region in China, which naturally occurs in various shades of green. The bracelet is carefully composed of different colors of Xinyi jade and therefore has a unique appearance.

Besides the fact that this bracelet looks beautiful, it also has a spiritual meaning. Originally, a mala is a prayer bracelet from Hinduism and Buddhism that is used in meditation to count mantras. A mantra is a collection of words repeated during meditation, which calms your mind and relaxes your body.

This Mala 'Xinyi' Buddhist prayer bracelet can therefore not only serve as a beautiful fashion accessory, but also as an aid to meditation exercises. In addition, you can also simply wear it because it is so beautiful!

In short, are you looking for a beautiful and meaningful bracelet? Then choose the Mala 'Xinyi' Buddhist prayer bracelet!