Size guarantee on many selected bracelets! These bracelets always fit. Because you make them yourself 1 side to size upon receipt. Regardless of your specified size for your leather or rope bracelets. You always have a perfectly fitting gift or a comfortable bracelet for yourself. 😉

How do I measure my bracelet size?

It is very easy for everyone to determine the size of the bracelet .

Is your size not listed?

We can always deliver a bracelet larger or smaller. Please respond to the order email for this.

How do you measure your own bracelet length?

Option 1: The belt method (arguably the most accurate method!) .
In recent years we have tried many methods. (see options 2 and 3). But the most simple, pleasant and accurate method is the belt method.

  • Grab a belt and place it around your wrist. Because the belt goes over both the wrist and the knuckles, you should take an average size .
  • Where the belt crosses is the wrist size. You don't need to add anything more to this.

Step 1: Grab a belt

Step 1: Grab a belt

Step 2: Measure your size

Step 2

Option 2: Use a different bracelet size . The most convenient thing is of course to grab one of your existing bracelets. And measure this size. Then you know for sure that you have the desired size.

Option 3: Measure your size yourself . What do I need? A measuring tape, a slip of paper or a piece of string. Or a shoelace.

Place the measuring tape just below the wrist bone. Make sure it is neither too loose nor too tight. Read at how many centimeters the tape measure crosses itself.

measure wrist size for a men's bracelet

Good luck in determining your 'comfortable' bracelet size.