Trio Tiger Eye: Yellow Tiger Eye, Falcon Eye (blue) and Bull Eye (red) Beaded Bracelet

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Looking for a bracelet that is not only beautiful, but also contains powerful properties? Then the Threesome Tiger Eye combination bracelet perfect for you! This bracelet consists of three different types of beads: Yellow Tiger Eye, falcon's eye (blue) and bull's eye (red).

The Bull's Eye bead is known for its grounding properties. It is the most passionate and powerful stone of its family. Wear this bead for a boost of motivation and energy, it reduces fatigue and gives your spine a straight posture, literally and figuratively. In addition, the Bull's Eye provides a healthy sex drive.

The Falcon Eye bead provides insight and helps to inhibit fear, excess emotions, aggression and mood swings. In addition, this type of stone promotes clairvoyance and spiritual grounding.

Last but not least: the Yellow Tiger Eye bead. This type of stone has a protective effect and attracts luck, prosperity and success. The Yellow Tiger Eye helps to find balance between thinking and feeling, which makes you better able to make decisions. 

In short, with the Trio Tiger Eye combination bracelet you not only wear a beautiful piece of jewelry on your wrist, but you also benefit from all the positive properties that these beads have to offer. Order it now and experience it for yourself!


Customer Reviews

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Very happy with the beaded bracelet

🌟🐯 Really great find! The Trio Tiger Eye bracelet 🌟🐯 has the perfect combination of yellow tiger eye, falcon eye (blue) and bull eye (red) beads. The colors are vibrant and the different shades add a powerful look. ⚖️ The beads are beautifully finished and the elastic band ensures a comfortable fit. This bracelet has become my perfect accessory whenever I need some positive energy and confidence! 💪🌈

Danny Duijzer

Trio Tiger Eye: Yellow Tiger Eye, Falcon Eye (blue) and Bull Eye (red) Beaded Bracelet

Kris Marivoet

Trio Tiger Eye: Yellow Tiger Eye, Falcon Eye (blue) and Bull Eye (red) Beaded Bracelet

Great birth

Made the bracelet myself with the extra rope / thread. Now no more nagging with a non-fitting bracelet

Leo DM
definitely the most intriguing beaded bracelet I own

Worth the money. The 3 colors come out beautifully. Before this I had the normal tiger eye. But that has now made way for this upgrade.