Very 'colorful Picasso' Jasper beaded bracelet

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Are you looking for a bracelet that is not only beautiful, but also has positive properties? Then the 'colorful Picasso' Jasper beaded bracelet is just the thing for you! 

This bracelet consists of unique Picasso jasper beads in different colors, making it a real statement piece. But what makes this bracelet really special are the grounding and protective properties of the jasper stone.

Jasper is known for her ability to help you achieve your goals and turn ideas into action. It makes you combative, decisive and determined, so that you can go for something for the full 100%. In addition, jasper helps you to stand up for yourself and gives courage, making you more resilient and reducing fear of conflict. 

But that's not all: jasper also promotes organizational skills, stimulates the imagination and ensures balance in body, soul and spirit. In addition, this stone absorbs negative energy and protects it against radiation and other negative external influences.

The 'colorful Picasso' Jasper beaded bracelet therefore not only helps with personal growth and development, but also has a physical positive influence on the circulatory system, digestion and intestines. In short: a real must-have for anyone looking for a powerful piece of jewelery that contributes to both inner and outer beauty.